Wopat the World: Where Tom Wopat is King

We love Tom Wopat. The man is a legend. He’s been one of our TV heroes since the Dukes of Hazzard days. And while Luke Duke may be long gone save for reruns, he’ll always be in our hearts. Wopat has done plenty of other work since the Duke Boys hung it up, but we want more.

Much more.

With that in mind, the gang at Wopat.com decided to try our hand at continuing Mr. Wopat’s legacy by re-imagining other movies, plays, and television programs with him as a star player. Original story ideas (of wildly varying quality) are in play, as well.

So, if you love Tom Wopat (and, honestly, who doesn’t?), we hope you’ll enjoy the revised, Wopatized stories on this site.

* Please note that the existing stories that appear in our content are the property of their respective creators, and all Wopatizations should be thought of as naught but good fun. Original story ideas are ours and ours alone.

Photo credit: trainman74 via Foter.com / CC BY-NC

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